This blog sets out to record the experiences of my 58 days of travel around the world; from my departure on Wednesday October 24th until return on Friday December 21st.

This is a great adventure which will take me to

  • three continents (South America, Europe and Asia),
  • six countries (Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Spain, France, Andorra, and Japan),
  • a British Overseas Territory (South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands)
  • plus Antarctica.

Outside South Georgia Island and Antarctica I have booked myself into accommodation which offers free WiFi.  Therefore, I expect to be able to put together a daily record of my adventures and discoveries.  The blog will not only include a written record of these travels but also a selection of photos to show you something of the world I have been inhabiting.

I will not have access to free WiFi for almost 16 days when I sail to and from Antarctica;  it can be possible to access WiFi on board but the hourly rate is prohibitive. In addition the connection is via satellite and I have been informed that uploading photos may be impossible.  I know you will want to see the glories of the landscape, the seascape and the flora and fauna and therefore I won’t be posting new stories to the blog during that sea trip.  However, I expect to write 15 days of blog while on board and have it prepared to send when I return to Argentina – I imagine this will come as a massive information dump on Monday 19th November.

I hope that my technology doesn’t fail, and that I don’t drop and lose my photographic devices overboard or get smashed by an angry seal – I want you to be able to look forward to seeing some sensational images.

A selection of global views are provided below so you can get your bearings.  Each contains a hand drawn line to give you the most general of an idea where I am travelling – I have no idea of actual flight or shipping paths so my route will be different.

Australia to Argentina

Map Australia to Argentina with added line.jpg

Uruguay to Antarctic to Argentina

Map ArgtoAntarcto Arg with added line.jpg

Argentina to Germany

Map of Atlantic Ocean Argentina to Germany with added line.jpg

Germany to Spain

Map Germany to Spain with added line.jpg

Germany to  Japan

Map Germany to Japan with added line.jpg

Japan to Australia

Map Japan to Australia with added line.jpg



2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Oh Helen – your trip looks absolutely fabulous and I am green with envy!! I am really looking forward to hearing about each step of the way – albeit I am expecting an information dump after your Antarctic trip! I hope you have the most wonderful time, and I look forward to hearing about all your adventures!


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