3rd November 2018 – day of departure towards Antarctica

This afternoon I will board the ship, Le Lyrial and sail away at 7pm. You can read about the ship here.

You can read about the particular cruise I am on – titled The Great Adventure – here and here.  The specific details of each day is here.

I expect to be without internet communication for the next 15 days. When I arrive back in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the end of the afternoon on the 18th November I may send an email or two. However, the big Antarctic blog will be uploaded on the 19th if all goes to plan – and because of the 14-hour time difference to Australia – that I am 14 hours behind you (sorry Pauline and Amanda- not sure of the time difference to you) I can only imagine you will see the story of the Antarctic experience on the 20th November.  So, I suggest you plan to have a nice glass or two of wine or a cuppa handy, a comfortable chair and prepare to settle in for a long read – and hopefully some brilliant photos.


4 thoughts on “3rd November 2018 – day of departure towards Antarctica

  1. great photos colouring great stories
    walls of the once living public and walls of living painters were the highlights for me
    and of course, the joy of vegetables!


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