25th November 2018 – for more Gaudi and more

Finding it harder each day to keep going.  But I must.  Today was my last in Barcelona.

My first booking was at 10am at Casa Batilo – another Gaudi creation. So, for all those who loved yesterday’s post, here are more images showing the creative hand of that master.  But, before I went in, I had a quick superficial look at the house next door – Casa Amattler.     IMG_4831.JPG



IMG_4847.JPGNow for Casa Batilo.  IMG_4829.JPG











IMG_4901.JPG I hadn’t booked a ticket for a look at the Palau de la Musica and subwayed there prepared for long queues.  Nothing prepared me for the queues.  I arrived at around 11.10. The 12 o’clock booked queue was already 5 minutes long. The 11 o’clock pre-booked fast entry queue probably extended a kilometer and wound its way around various blocks. And that was for people with tickets. I went looking for the Box Office, but I couldn’t make entry (note to June and the choristers- make sure you have arrangements to get in when you get there.).  I sat around watching the never ending 11 o’clock queue still entering after 11.30am. So, I shrugged my shoulders and walked 15 minutes to the tourism office in the Placa de Catalunya and asked what was free during the afternoon – but I wasn’t sure I was going to book anything because I didn’t have the energy for waiting in such long queues. As it happened, I learned that all time slots were booked out until this Wednesday, so I am not going to see this spectacle.IMG_4908.JPGThen walked fast into the Gothic Quarter hoping for a free entry to the Barcelona Cathedral before midday. But when I said I was there to pray they directed me around to the Cloisters.  They had my measure!IMG_4917.JPG

IMG_4916.JPGAfter that I gave up and didn’t bother to go back and pay to enter the Cathedral. Not coping with being ill and people.  Wandered a little and stopped for a wine and some fresh tapas.

Later the Duck Shop stopped me in my tracks.  IMG_4928.JPG


IMG_4923.JPGPictures below, looking in through the window at the Chocolate Kitchen, are for the chocoholics reading this blog.  Another time I will add in a wonderful video here – too time consuming right now.IMG_4937.JPG

IMG_4939.JPGThen wandered along La Rambla before entering the upper reaches of La Raval.  Was reminded that legislation prevents graffiti or street art on buildings, but the loophole is that doors are not covered.IMG_4936.JPGSunday was a serious shopping day and people collected bags like Julia Roberts in the movie, Pretty Woman.IMG_4941-shopping bags.JPGToo tired.  Too done in.  Too sick. Aimed at my hotel and, as usual, found myself many blocks off in the wrong direction.  Eventually righted that wrong. Back at the hotel I lay on the bed and watched a Davis Cup dead rubber between France and Croatia. Felt normal doing that. Then slept.

Finished the day with a brilliant paella freshly and personally cooked for me in my own pan.

Time to pack for an early start tomorrow – off to Madrid by fast train.


8 thoughts on “25th November 2018 – for more Gaudi and more

  1. Thanks for last post. His capacity for detail within the bigger or i should say huger picture is extraordinary. As for the ducksI presume you bought a bulk collection of them!! They made melaugh. Hope you sleep well and rezt on the fast train to Madrid where the weather should be dryer and warmer.xxxxx

    marybuchananbailey.blogspot.com DROPKICKME



  2. It’s all so fascinating and overwhelming just taking it in from my little corner of the world. I’ve loved it all from the beginning of your journey and look forward to your next stop wherever. Thanks for your hard yakka Helen. I know I couldn’t do it.


    • There is so much to digest; my brain feels quite filled but has no capacity left to get much perspective. I hope to be able to think about it all later. Thankfully the photos should help. This means the blog should continue after I return home – as I add to the stories while present. Glad you are still interested to read the blog. Thanks.


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