30 November 2018 – part 1 of 3

This is a day when not much will be written because I will overwhelm you with photos – almost all from the interior of one extraordinary large building.  That’s right. One building.  The Mosque-Cathedral (Mesquita) of Cordoba was the reason I visited, and it didn’t disappoint.

By showing you so many photos (and they are not all the photos I took – just a small selection) in the chronological order that I saw the sights, you may gain some appreciation of the magnitude of the engineering, and the breadth of the creativity.  The intermeshing of Christian and Islamic imagery and patternmaking is breathtakingly beautiful – but one woman remarked this is nothing compared to the Alhambra in Granada (and I will be there next week).  Therefore, I am glad to have seen this building first. It is as if I am working up to what Granada has to offer. Because of the volume of photos, I have divided today’s posts into three clusters – chronologically presented.

First let us start with the outside walls of the building, then let me introduce you into the shady orange grove courtyard, past arcaded walkways, and have a look at the bell tower standing high in one corner.      IMG_5192.JPG




IMG_5314.JPG   IMG_5197.JPG

IMG_5202.JPGIMG_5199.JPGNow let us walk inside to the dual religious part of the ‘monument’.  Perhaps you will have the shock that I did – what am I looking at?  What is it in front of me?            IMG_5205.JPG


















IMG_5232.JPGIMG_5223.JPGAt this stage I had been wandering inside this complex for over half an hour.  But there was more to see.  Much more.


4 thoughts on “30 November 2018 – part 1 of 3

  1. Helen, Thank you so much for all the photos you send. I know I would never be able to see such wonderful sites like this and be amazed at the beauty and skill of the builders. Masters of art in their own right. I’m afraid I’m reading them all out of order. When I get the chance to have a quiet time. Hope you are over your cold virus . Take care my friend love Cath X


    • Lovely to hear from you again. Have a look at the dates of each and then try following them one after the other – I know it is appallingly confusing because I keep overwhelming everyone with so much in each post. Its difficult to remember where you are. Without the dates I know I would lose the plot completely. But then, on the other hand it possibly doesnt matter in which order they are read because each day its own separate story. As for the cold – it has really done me in. Not sure when I can get rid of it. Look after yourself and don’t go getting any summer colds!


  2. Hi Helen. Afraid I have had to a cancel my blogs of your trips As I keep getting messages I have over gone my data!! 😕 So will wait till you get home and catch up sometime after you get home I think you are a VERY brave woman and have enjoyed your trip so far keep safe my dear Love Cath xx


    • I have just used up the 15GB data of my gmail account and have opened another – with a new email address. I havent deleted the old on but the new one means you can keep in touch with me. Any moment now the other one wont let new emails come to me. So maybe this is something you can also do. After all I am about to start posting the Antarctic stories and the photos of that great south land and I imagine you will want to read/see those. If you need help setting up the new gmail bring your computer to my place and I can help.


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