3rd December 2018 – part 3 of 3

I spent over 4 hours (others have told me that 2 hours should do it – but I didn’t see everything or walk everywhere in the time I was there – I was mentally fatigued) and had to leave the Real Alcazar palace complex.  I recommend taking it slow. Look and think. Then think again. And be prepared to give up and go when you have too much in your head and your eyes – go away and digest what you have experienced.

Most of the complex was built in the Mudejar style (a blend of Islamic and Christian styles) but there are some Roman elements. Other than the ceilings, highlights included:

  •  the seemingly endless variations on colourful tiles on the walls and the floors,         IMG_5601.JPG










IMG_5712.JPGIMG_5715.JPG– vistas of arch after arch after arch (sometimes Renaissance sometimes Arabic),        IMG_5636.JPG








– the external walls with ‘frames’ for painted art works,



  • Arabic writings and geometric shapes,



  • the carp in the ponds,


the designed gardens (images cant be added),


and the pools of reflecting water.

The Maze Garden was entered by many and most, like me, retreated out fairly quickly.  The maze was large and complicated. The thought of walking miles trying to find a way out did not appeal.  However, there was lots of laughter associated with the experience. Because of difficulties with inserting photos into this blog, I am giving up and posting this story minus some selected images.

Healthy Datura plants made me think of Mary.


I took a fancy to fans.  I have never been able to look at a large range of exquisite, hand-made fans before. The skill and mastery were apparent in the clever design and fit for function.  Unfortunately, I am having difficulty with inserting the photos of some beautiful and clever examples – I do hope my connection to WordPress isn’t slipping away again.

I was endlessly entertaining by the large scale of this complex, the various ages and styles of buildings and their decoration, the contrasts between building and gardens, and the diversity of spaces.  But more than that, I felt overwhelmed by the creativity in the various textures that were created throughout.


2 thoughts on “3rd December 2018 – part 3 of 3

  1. Oh it is so nice to see the pictures! It brings me back so many fond memories… I also enjoyed the gypsy caves in the hills not far away…and the pebble mosaics



    • Now I am in Granada – well I saw caves as I bussed from Seville to Granada and now here I have seen the cave ‘houses’ in Albaicin. Tried to get a bus out into the country today to more caves but its a national holiday and that has limited – well removed – my options. Oh well – happy with all that I do see.


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