3rd December 2018 – trying again to include photos of part 3 of 3

After a good night’s sleep, now refreshed, again I am trying to add in the photos to the last part of this post. If this doesn’t work, then it means that once more I will have to stop/be stopped from posting the stories of each new day.  So, fingers crossed.

In the last post I listed highlights at the Real Alcazar in Seville. The following items had no photos and now they have a selection.

  • the designed gardensIMG_5675.JPG




IMG_5671.JPGI loved the pools of reflecting water, but have no photos that do them justice.

The Maze Garden was entered by many and most, like me, retreated fairly quickly.  The maze was large and complicated. The thought of walking miles trying to find a way out did not appeal.  However, there was lots of laughter associated with the experience.




IMG_5708.JPGHealthy Datura plants made me think of Mary.IMG_5716.JPG

IMG_5825.JPGI took a fancy to fans.  I have never been able to look at a large range of exquisite, hand-made fans before. The skill and mastery were apparent in the clever design and fit for function. Yes, that is delicate refined Chantilly lace in the second photo. IMG_5632.JPG


IMG_5635.JPGI was endlessly entertaining by the large scale of this complex, the various ages and styles of buildings and their decoration, the contrasts between building and gardens, and the diversity of spaces.  But more than that, I felt overwhelmed by the creativity in the various textures that were created throughout.


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