Map of Japan with surrounding countries

While I am flying from Barcelona to Japan, you can orient yourself to a new continent and begin to prepare yourself for the delights of a new culture. In the map below, note the city of Osaka – the Kensai International Airport, where I will arrive, is located slightly north west of this city and then Kyoto is another significant city situated slightly north from that.

Begin to appreciate the proximity of Japan to the neighbouring countries of China, South Korea, North Korea and Russia. I will be travelling in an area approximately 600 kms from South Korea and only about 1000 Kms from North Korea. Travel planning continues to teach me world geography and it certainly broadens my mind.

Map of Japan and other countries-added names.jpg


9 thoughts on “Map of Japan with surrounding countries

    • Hi Jennifer As you can read in today’s posting I have pulled the plug. But after seeing the build up across the Japanese country when looking down from the plane, with residential and industrial buildings on almost every bit of flat land, I won’t be going to Japan. I am not looking for urbanisation, and that thicket would horrify me. If I had gone there decades ago I may have enjoyed it,but I wouldn’t now. After I have posted the Antarctic stories, I will be writing up a piece on what it means to travel for me now; a sort of getting it all into perspective piece. So – I am sorry I wont be able to satisfy your memories of Japan with new posts.


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