5th December 2018 –the Alhambra part 4 of 4

I left the bus in the centre of town at the Queen Isabella Plaza and went looking for the Arabic market.IMG_6111.JPGWhen I found it, all I could see were lanes and lanes of endless shops offering similar mass-produced material.IMG_6113.JPGNot for me.  Instead I found a café, sat in the plaza near one of the Cathedral doors and sipped a Sangria – watching the world go by.IMG_6116.JPG

IMG_6122.JPGInstead of walking back to the hotel I went to Elvira Street and found another Syrian restaurant.  Enjoyed a lentil soup, and a felafel, hommos and salad plate, with green tea and mint.  All of which more or less came at once.  Totally delicious and incredibly filling.IMG_6133.JPG

IMG_6134.JPGMy brunch had been some fruit purchased locally and left overs from last night’s dinner eaten sitting in the sun in the grounds of the Alhambra. These Syrian dishes were an early dinner; even as I sit and type, I still don’t feel hungry.  And having the luxury of making cups of tea in my room – what more does a traveller need?  So the day ends.


2 thoughts on “5th December 2018 –the Alhambra part 4 of 4

  1. Totally tempted by the appetising looking Syrian food!
    Just to add a snippet of news: Alan and I ran into Jeanette at Saturday’s screening of ‘A Boy called Sailboat’ at the State Cinema. This was the film that featured a live soundtrack provided by the classical guitarists, the Grigoryan brothers – what a treat!


    • Years ago (around mid 1990s) when the Grigoryan brothers were new on the scene and touring Australia with Musica Viva I attended a private reception for them when I lived in Newcastle. We went to their concert then they came to a local’s house for drinks etc. Quite brilliant then and since that time, with experience, they have improved enormously. Superb musicians. What a treat for you. And as for treats – as you would have realised it took me until the end of my trip to find edible food and it was delightfully Syrian.


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