Preamble to the Antarctic blog postings

Tomorrow the first of a series of daily posts will be published so you will be able to have a daily dose of the wonders of the sea and land in the Southern Ocean.  For those who have travelled there before or with me, the images and videos are sure to prompt great memories. For those who have not been there (yet), maybe you will plan and budget to travel there.

We were warned at the beginning of the voyage that each of us would be forever changed by the experience.  This feels very true for me.

We were also warned that describing and explaining our experience to friends and relatives would fairly quickly meet an impasse – thanks to documentaries and endless books and magazines, everyone has seen cute photos of penguins, sweeping glaciers, and the colours of icebergs. To see and experience these in the flesh is quite different and words are inadequate to help a person who has not seen these to ‘see’. If anything, my blog posts offer a taste and perhaps give some of the flavour. Hopefully they will provoke in you some of the wonder and exhilaration I felt. Those feelings endure in me. In a flash I am back there and can remember details.  I am there again.

On the blogsite there is a menu item South Georgia Island/Antarctica. Once all the posts have been published in the main blog stream, then I will include them as one consecutive connected story under this menu item.  That is, eventually there will be two locations where you can find the stories and the photos –if you want to search for a particular item in the future, all you will need to do is to go to the main site and click on the menu item – – and put your search words into the search box on the right of screen, and click.

Some of what you will read and see is super thrilling. I hope you will feel the excitement.  Here are a couple of photographs to whet your appetite.IMG_4066.JPG


IMG_4179When I returned to Argentina, I posted home a large package of papers, plus photos taken by the Ponant ship’s professional photographer that were compiled onto a CD – some papers have been copied and inserted into the posts where relevant.

Where did the journey to the Antarctic start – give me a map some people say. The Ponant ship Le Lyrial left the wharves of the capital city of Uruguay, Montevideo and headed in a south easterly direction.Montevideo


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