Sub-Antarctica and Antarctica

From Saturday 3rd November until Sunday 18th November, for 16 days I  sailed from Uruguay to South Georgia Island, to Antarctica, to the South Shetland Islands and then returned to Ushuaia at the southern tip of Argentina, South America.

During that time I did not access WiFi so the stories of that trip have been published since then as a story broken up into daily parcels in the main blog. Originally I expected to post the entire story here however, because I wrote over 20,000 words and took thousands of photos,the scale of it was too large to be easily readable.

The posting of this series of stories commenced on Boxing Day; 26th December 2018. They continued daily until mid January 2019. For the first posting in this series go to: 3rd November 2018-through the last day in Uruguay before boarding the ship and away

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