Wed 24 October – fly on the way-too-early 6 am Virgin flight to Melbourne then, around midday, fly long hours with Air New Zealand to Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina; and arrive almost before leaving date-wise.

Wed 24th to Tues 30th – in and around Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, including a day foray to a colonial city in Uruguay

Tues 30th – ferry to Montevideo capital of Uruguay

Tues 30th Oct to Sat 3rd Nov – in and around Montevideo, capital of Uruguay

Sat 3rd Nov – embark on the great adventure; off south by sea towards South Georgia Islands and then Antarctica

Sat 3rd Nov to Sun 18th Nov  – at sea then back to the city of Ushuaia on the southern tip of Argentina.

Sun 18th Nov  – a quick look at the national park in the Tierra Del Fuego to the west of Ushuaia, then fly to Buenos Aires

Sun 18th Nov to Tues 20th Nov – in and around Buenos Aires

Tues 20th Nov – fly with Lufthansa from Buenos Aires to Barcelona, Spain via Frankfurt airport

Tues 20th Nov to Mon 26th Nov – in and around Barcelona including a day trip to the country of Andorra and a morning tea break in southern France

Mon 26th Nov – taking the train from Barcelona to Madrid, Spain

Mon 26th Nov to Thurs 29th Nov  – in and around Madrid, Spain

Thurs 29th Nov – taking the train to Cordoba, Spain

Thurs 29th Nov to Sat 1st Dec  -in and around Cordoba, Spain

Sat 1st Dec  -taking the train from Cordoba to Seville, Spain

Sat 1st Dec to Tues 4th Dec -in and around Seville, Spain

Tues 4th Dec – taking a bus to Grenada, Spain

Tues 4th Dec to Fri 7th Dec  – in and around Granada

Fri 7th Dec – taking the train from Granada to Barcelona – almost 8 hours!  This should provide a much needed rest from an overload of stimulating experiences.

Sat 8th Dec – fly to Kensai International Airport (which services Osaka and Kyoto), Japan, via the Frankfurt airport 

Sun 9th Dec – arrive in Japan; train via Kyoto to north western prefecture of Fukui

Sun 9th Dec to Wed 12th Dec – in and around Fukui

Wed 12th Dec  – possibly return to Kyoto and stay, or continue out into the country.  To be confirmed.

Thurs 20th Dec – fly Qantas from Kensai International airport to Sydney

Fri 21st Dec – arrive Sydney; fly Virgin to Melbourne/Hobart and land 2.30pm.