30 November 2018 – part 2 of 3

From alcoves of a Christian or an Islamic nature around the three edges of the building, I constantly returned to the acres of striped arches that held up the roof and allowed for the central chapel.IMG_5234.JPG

IMG_5236.JPGThe variety of arches was impressive.  You can see the intermeshing of the imagery from the two different cultures.IMG_5237.JPG








IMG_5257.JPGIMG_5245.JPGAnd gravestones on walls and on the floors everywhere.IMG_5239.JPG


IMG_5305.JPGThe ceilings were detailed.  IMG_5248.JPG


IMG_5281.JPG But I could never get enough of the striped arches.  I don’t know how many but there would have been hundreds. IMG_5250.JPG


IMG_5276.JPG  I focused for a while on large heavy looking brass locks.   Magnificent.    IMG_5252.JPG


IMG_5297.JPGIMG_5253.JPG The Stop Press news for the day has to be – the Virgin Mary is dead!  Somebody finally stabbed her with their sword.  I am relieved for her. It is all over.  She doesn’t have to do anything anymore.IMG_5255.JPG

IMG_5254.JPGThen I wandered into elaborate rooms of gilt and marble objects.   IMG_5261.JPG


IMG_5266.JPGIMG_5265.JPG   Found the remains of a fresco high on a wall.IMG_5267.JPGThe tiling colours and patterns were prominent.IMG_5268.JPG


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